Using A Dumpster To Help Prepare Your Home For Winter

The harsh winter months can take a toll on your home. Taking the time to do some simple maintenance tasks before the cold weather strikes can significantly improve your home's ability to withstand winter weather. Since many of the maintenance tasks required to prepare your home for winter can generate waste, it can be beneficial to invest in a dumpster while you complete these tasks.

Here are three ways that you can use a dumpster to help you prepare your home for winter.

1. Use a dumpster to discard bad shingles.

Your home's roof plays a critical role in keeping moisture from snow and rain from penetrating your home's interior. When the granules on your shingles begin to wear away, your home may no longer be waterproof.

As you remove damaged shingles and replace them with new ones. access to a dumpster designed to accommodate construction waste can be beneficial. Just toss the old shingles into the dumpster, then rely on the sanitation company to dispose of them properly once the dumpster is removed from your property.

2. Use a dumpster to discard old pipe insulation.

When the temperature outside begins to drop, the water running through your home's pipes could freeze. Freezing water expands, and this expansion could cause expensive pipes to burst. Wrapping your pipes with specialized insulation can help protect the water within from freezing temperatures. As you prepare your home for the winter, you should remove any old insulation from the exterior of your pipes and discard of this spent insulation in your rented dumpster.

A dumpster designed to handle construction waste is perfectly suited for this type of disposal project, and you can get rid of any old pipe insulation properly before installing new insulation to protect your pipes next winter.

3. Use a dumpster to trash old furnace filters and faulty ductwork.

During the cold winter months you rely on your home's furnace to generate heat. To ensure that your furnace is ready to withstand a winter workload, you should inspect the air filter and ductwork before winter sets in.

Replace a clogged air filter, and dispose of the old filter in your rented dumpster. Sections of ductwork that has rusted or developed holes should be removed and replaced to prevent heat loss, and your rented dumpster provides a great way to dispose of the old ductwork as well.

Relying on the help of a rented dumpster will allow you to prepare your home's roof, pipes, and furnace system for the coming winter by giving you a safe place to dispose of construction waste. For more information, contact Chitty Garbage Service Inc or a similar company.