How To Prevent A Portable Restroom From Stealing The Spotlight At A Backyard Wedding

At-home outdoor weddings and receptions are an option that is more comfortable, intimate and affordable than using other types of venues. Of course, even with a simple ceremony there are still some expenses to consider. A portable toilet is useful for curbing the amount of traffic through the home and reduces the strain on private wells and septic tanks. They are also an additional restroom to help prevent lines from forming inside. Renting a toilet is fairly simple, because nearly all communities have at least one or two rental companies. The concern for many homeowners is how much they may damage their yard, how at-risk they are to leaking and whether or not the unit may cause unappealing odors that will disturb the guests. Here are some answers for those questions. 

Will it damage the yard? 

In order for a portable toilet to be delivered, it has to be brought to the spot by a commercial truck. This could lead to damage if the ground is soft or if there are bushes or flowers in the path of where the truck needs to go. Homeowners can avoid this by choosing a level spot in their yard where there is little vegetation and the ground is firm. A spot of pavement beside the house or garage is the easiest location. Ask the delivery driver to position the toilet with the door facing away from the road or where people will be gathering and consider using folding screens or rent or purchase a decorative fabric gazebo to conceal the restroom. 

Are leaks a serious concern?

Of course any equipment can break down during use and portable restrooms are no exception. However, renting the unit from a reputable business is the best assurance of a leak-free experience. More often, the problem is not spontaneous leaks, but a spill due to damage to the structure. Avoid this by protecting it from being backed into by a vehicle. Make certain it is visible and protected by a fence or other barrier. Also ask the delivery driver to secure the unit with cables and stakes if it is in an area that is often windy to prevent tipping. Get two portable units if more than 50 people will be attending the event to reduce the risk of the tank becoming too full. 

Will there be odors? 

A one day event like a wedding is not usually enough time for odors to be a concern. The units are always clean and sanitized before they are delivered. For added protection it is possible to purchase enzyme-based deodorizers that are dropped directly in the holding tank. These come in tablet, liquid and powder form and are pre-measured for easy use. They can be found through many camping supply retailers and some portable toilet companies. 

With the right company, an adequate amount of units for the crowd and appropriate installation techniques it is possible to have additional restroom facilities without any worry. A few camouflaging techniques make it equally easy to prevent it from taking away from the romantic atmosphere. One final thing to keep in mind is that the unit will usually be in the yard for several days. Most portable toilet companies do not work weekends and will only pick up and deliver on Monday through Friday. For more information, contact your local rental company (such as Lemeta Pumping & Thawing).