Things To Verify About Your Local Trash Collection When You Move Into A New Home

Moving into a new home presents you with a sizable to-do list, including cleaning, unpacking and getting your TV, phone and Internet services hooked up. You should also give some thought to the local trash collection service — before long, it will be garbage day and you'll likely be eager to drag a hefty amount of waste to the curb that was either left by the previous homeowner or that you accumulate after unpacking. The garbage collection setup can range from city to city, and there is a lot more to learn than just confirming what day garbage is collected and whether the pickup is weekly or every two weeks. Call your town hall or look online to find out the following information.  

Prohibited Items

Each waste collection service has different rules regarding prohibited items. It's worthwhile to confirm these details to save yourself the hassle of dragging something to the curb that won't be picked up. Hazardous materials such as motor oil, batteries, and household chemicals are typically on the prohibited list, but you might also encounter other things such as yard waste. In some communities, for example, yard waste collection occurs only a few times per year; in other areas, residents are asked to take their yard waste to a depot.

Trash Amount

Some communities dictate exactly how much trash you can leave at the curb while others have no size restrictions. This is important to confirm before garbage day. For example, some municipalities allow residents to place no more than two trash cans out on garbage day. If this is the case where you live, knowing the information in advance will save you time and effort.

Disposal Of Large Items

The regulations concerning the disposal of large items can also range considerably. When it comes to getting rid of things such as furniture and large appliances, you're sometimes required to visit the town hall to purchase special stickers to place on oversized items. In other areas, you'll have to cart these items to the dump yourself.

Time Your Trash Needs To Be Out

It's also important to confirm what time you need to take your trash out. The last thing you want to do is hear the garbage truck roll past when you have a large pile of trash sitting in your garage. Your local municipality will tell you the time at which your trash needs to be at the curb, based on the neighborhood in which you live. For further information, contact a local outlet, such as Powell's  Trash Service.